Professionally, I have a wide array of experience. After my B.S. in Software Engineering, I worked (mostly) as a Full Stack Developer, so I'm comfortable anywhere.

For the last four years or so, I stepped away from the office to find a way to connect with my community. I worked at the Brownsville Butcher & Pantry doing everything under the sun: Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Project Management, Event Coordination, Data Analytics, and Beverage Management. It was intense, and gratifying, and I gradually became a pillar in my own community; something I've always wanted.

Recently, I have been getting the urge to get back into a technical role, and I am specifically interested in data science. I have a strong background in logic, programming, database management, and most recently Google Sheets — all of which, along with my professional experience, I'm looking forward to bringing into a new role. To cut my teeth, I'm working through DataCamp's Data Analyst with Python course, reading through Tufte, and bringing that knowledge to bear in some data-viz projects.

If you're interested in poking around my code, you can check out my GitHub, and any projects that can stand on their own I'll write about here. You can download my resume as well; if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.

Personally? I'm an avid hiker, skiier, and mountain biker — I moved back to Vermont to have access to all three. In 2022 I got certified as a sommelier (WSET L2 in Wines), and I'm just as passionate about craft coffee. When I travel, it's always based around where we're going to eat.

The site?

I wrote this site in Gatsby back in 2019. It's hosted with GitLab Pages, and you can view the source here. It's pretty straightforward React, and the blog articles and project pages are all done in Markdown - I wrote an article about it if you want to know more.

2024 Update: As I'm looking to get back into a technical role, I need a more dynamic site to show off what I can do. Projects will be coming first, but afterwards I'll be looking at React & Friends (or Vue?) hosted on Vercel.