Business Development: Brownsville Butcher & Pantry
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  • Squarespace Web Designer
  • Copywriter
  • eCommerce Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Manager
  • (Sommelier, Beverage Manager, etc.)

In my position at the Butcher & Pantry, I was responsible for our website, graphic design, social media, and public communication, among other duties in-store.

Over my tenure, I oversaw a redesign of the website, and implemented SEO best practices; dramatically grew our social media following with measurable benefits to web & store traffic; and refined our visual language through signage, menus, and more.

All of these results served to reinforce the authority of the business in a specialty sphere, and dramatically increase revenue year after year.


The business worked with the very talented Liz from Studio Lulu Designs for the skeleton of the website, and once the basic sitemap and theme had been put together, I took over. I used my library of photos I had taken over the years to add some character, and wrote almost all copy on the website. Over the years, this was refined at intervals to increase SEO, using more relevant headers and metadata.

In addition, I organized the store's Google Workspace with a solid foundation of Google accounts, groups, rules, and more. Distributing these accounts to the relevant departments, I was able to construct forms that enabled direct communication between customers and the people they needed to talk to.


Under my development, the Butcher & Pantry saw:

  • Over 140% increase in online revenue year after year
  • 150% increase in units sold year after year
  • Over 150% increase in orders made year after year

Establishing an eCommerce platform was one of my first major accomplishments at the Butcher & Pantry.

During the spring of 2020, we needed a way to sell goods when our doors were closed. I devised a platform for customers to order: a custom form, as well as pre-built bundles to incentivize larger basket size. Sales and traffic were higher than they had been to that point, and the diversity of online offerings only increased.

This platform is primarily used for holiday pre-orders of meat and prepared foods. In addition to the online ordering platform, I created an organizational system using Google Sheets that the rest of the management team could use to assess orders and distribute responsibility among the team.

Each year, the number of orders increase dramatically, and is a massive part of yearly sales.


Liz from Studio Lulu provided our core brand materials, and my responsibility was utilizing these elements to make the day-to-day designs necessary in-store, using a consistent visual language to strengthen the brand as a whole and lend credence to our specialty goods.

This ended up becoming hundreds of designs for store goods, instagram posts, event posters, branding materials, menus, and more. By the end of my stay, I had created a series of templates in Canva for the most-used items for the rest of the management staff to use.

Butcher & Pantry Menu Image
The Legal sized menu I designed for the most recent menu update


Under my management:

  • We saw over 500% increase in followers on Instagram
  • I authored over 500 posts on instagram alone
  • Website traffic from social platforms increased by 400% in just one year

I was effectively the mouthpiece of the Butcher & Pantry.

My social media marketing efforts were primarily targeted to Instagram, the platform with the largest following. However, I also oversaw posting to Facebook, as well as authoring newsletter blasts to our online followers with longer-format articles with larger updates.

By establishing a comprehensive Social Media Policy (brand voice definition, a consistent set of hashtags, content guidelines, etc.), ensuring at least five posts a week, and leveraging new tools as they became available, I was able to substantially grow our following.

In turn, this generated a measurable increase to our website and foot traffic to our more remote location.


It was an incredible opportunity to work with Peter & Lauren at the Butcher & Pantry, and I was able to develop a lot of skills that I plan to bring anywhere I work in the future.

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