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  • Squarespace Web Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Copywriter

When Sam Clement came to me asking for assistance with the digital presence of his family’s business, I was thrilled to work with him.

Working together with the Clements, I embarked on a comprehensive journey of brand and web identity redevelopment. The brand scheme was meticulously tailored, harmonizing with the company's ethos of efficiency, reliability, and aesthetic simplicity.

Additionally, the creation of a distinctive logo marked a pivotal point in the brand's journey, symbolizing the family’s dedication to excellence and leadership in the industry.

Clement Irrigation Logo
The Clement Irrigation Horizontal Logo

The Clements are an honest, hardworking and straightforward family, and I wanted to represent this cleanly.

Roboto Slab and Source Sans aren’t fussy, but are workhorse typefaces that felt perfect. A monochrome blue color scheme was classic, simple, and fit for bringers of water.

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