Web Design: Mary L. Blood Memorial Library

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  • Squarespace Web Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Photographer

When my community library reached out to get a fresh website developed, I could not be happier. I love small-town libraries, and they need websites too!

Working with the board, we outlined a direction: developing basic brand assets, establishing a photo library, and creating an easy-to-navigate experience that could be built upon by future librarians.

The Mary L. Blood Memorial library is a very cute library in a very small, well-educated town in Southern Vermont. Caslon has a quiet refinement that is perfect for a library, with Proxima Nova backing it up as a modern workhorse.

As a Vermont library, green was a must-have, and a gentle tan accent (reminiscent of gold) is a lovely complement.

I developed a brand package, built a utilitarian website, and took plenty of photos for them to use, and they have been building on it ever since.

Mary Blood Library Portfolio Deck